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What is a Family Obituary website?

Family Obituary website is a website dedicated to the life and memory of someone who has passed away. It has the following sections and features: - The life story of the deceased. - A full-featured online obituary gallery with photos, videos. - Custom designs for all obituaries. - A unique web address that allows easy access to your obituary online. - Your Family Obituary website can be shared with family and friends. Building a site together regardless of geographic location is easy and convenient. - Tributes and Comments. Friends and family can post messages, prayers, flowers, light candles, and other items of love and affection. - Mailing lists of people who will be notified about site updates or important events, such as anniversary dates.

Is there a cost to post a Life Story or Obituary to Family Obituary?
Who will see my Family Obituary?
How can visitors access my Obituary page?
How long does it take to create a Obituary page?
How do I edit my Obituary page?
Is there a limit to how many photos I can upload to my page of Family Obituary?
What are the requirements or limits when posting a Obituary Page?
Can you help me post my obituary to a local newspaper?
Can I post a Obituary page for someone who passed months or years ago?
How long will a Obituary Page be viewable and searchable on the site?
How do I manage the Obituary page?
I can’t find in Internet the obituary or person that I’m looking for. Where is it?
I received an email that the funeral home made me an owner of a Obituary Page. What does this mean and how do I claim it?
I represent a funeral home and I am interested in partnering with Family Obituary. Where can I find more information?
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